I tried to complete my manuscript for a new Christmas devotional study.  Just ran out of time before I could complete the task.  Instead, my plan is to put the manuscript up in its draft form, inviting you to critique it and make any suggestions or ask any questions that may occur to you.  Here’s the book title, a suggested list of chapters, and the introduction. More will follow.


A Serious and Joyous Look at an Old Book

By don kimrey


1.  In those days
2 . Sorry, no vacancy
3,  Suddenly
4.  Don’t be Afraid
5 , An Army of Angels
6. Joy to You, Too
7.  Generations of Jews
8.  A Strange Visit
9.  Strange Gifts
10. The Word
12.  Ever Looked At It This Way?
13. The Light
14. The Gift
15. The Great Descent
Great Gratitude


This little book is being written by an ordinary guy who has grown a bit weary of cheesy, clueless, and crassly commercial exploitation of a really sacred day. A day we use in our calendars to mark the most dramatic turning point in human history. In our culture, everything that occurred prior to the Incarnation of Christ is marked B.C. (Before Christ.). The years afterward are dated A.D. (“Anno Domini,” The Year of the Lord).

Christmas is what I call and Eternal Event.
With an accumulation of traditions and folklore, should ask ourselves sometimes what the real significance of Christmas is? Is it just a celebration of a sentimental season? A commercial bonanza? Or is there deeper, more serious meaning which deserves to be explored?
JOY TO YOU, TOO is being written (and is dedicated to) someone like you, if you would like to take a fresh, new look at Jesus of Nazareth’s entrance into human history. It is an invitation to ponder the significance and magnificence of that Event, more from a personal, devotional standpoint than from a merely historical or theological perspective.
Thank you for considering my work. I hope you’ll rediscover some of the true joy of this event.
~donkimrey, North Topsail Island, North Carolina, Winter 2012


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