In considering the enormity of the Easter event, some things could easily be overlooked. While trying as carefully as I can to examine the Gospel accounts, I couldn’t help but notice how Jesus’ followers conducted themselves in such a crisis.

In an earlier post, I gave a rather unflattering account of the conduct of the Disciples during the ordeal of Jesus’ arrest, mock trial, and illegal execution. The account was accurate. It’s another occasion where all grounds for human pride and boasting are removed.

It was the Women who stepped forth and displayed bravery! So much for the myth about “the weaker sex!”

“And there were also women watching from a distance, among whom were both Mary the Magdalene and Mary the mother of James the younger and of Joses; and Salome, they who when he was in Galilee used to follow him and provide for him, plus many others who had come up to Jerusalem with him. (Mark 15:40-41)

These are just a couple of verses, among many more in Mark and the other Gospel records giving account of several ladies who were present and accounted for and the band of brothers who had gone AWOL.

It’s apparent that the ladies possessed a tender and great strength which the men did not have at that time. Their love and adoration of Christ was far greater than their fear of death, or anything else. They loved Christ more than they feared the Roman soldiers.  Or their own safety. In the dark hours before the Resurrection there’s not a single reason given for  boasting among the men.  Not a hero among them!

In this connection, it was almost impossible not to recall these words by John Montgomery:

“In the hour of trial,
Jesus, plead for me;
Lest by base denial
I depart from thee;
When thou seest me waver,
With a look recall,
Nor for fear or favor
Suffer me to fall.”


3 responses to “THE WEAKER SEX?

  1. Great Post Don! Thanks for the handling of what could be a delicate topic. Mike

  2. I’m not really convinced that the disciples should be considered AWOL as is suggested in the article. There at at least two instances where they were present (John 18:15-16 and John 19:25-27). I’m also not sure of whole underlying purpose of this article. I hope it’s not to puff ourselves up with pride as the Apostle Paul strongly warns us against doing in 1Cor 4:6.

  3. Gary, thanks for your comments. I don’t ever try to tell people what to think, but I do encourage them to think. And disagree, if necessary. I agree that the men were present. . . at a pretty safe distance (except Peter) who would have been better if he’d gotten an attack of lockjaw. Instead, he cursed, and denied he and the Prisoner had any relationship. The purpose of the article was simply to tell who was involved in the Event and how they were involved. It was also to recognize the often understated purpose of women in some societies and in some circles in which I’ve been in the past. No on has reason for boasting; certainly not I. My primary purpose is always to exalt Christ. Secondarily, and importantly, it is to give credit where credit and respect where it is merited. Thanks again for thinking and for encouraging me to think and be clearer in expressing my ideas. don

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