A Brief Pause


y last few posts have been devoted to the Nativity, and I confess to you I’ll probably be pondering the concept of the “Glory” of the Lord for a long, long time.  Very fresh and fertile soil which contains more potential than I’ll ever be able to exhaust!   

          The next post will return to the life of King David.  We’ve considered some of his heroic accomplishments and contributions and the lofty place he occupies in Hebrew history.  We also ran headlong into his selfish dalliance which created such a scandal it could have wrecked his kingdom and destroyed any possibility he had of a decent legacy.  He really messed up!  In a familiar scenario too often repeated by rich, spoiled, self-Indulgent “leaders,” he very nearly destroyed his kingdom as well as any worthwhile lasting legacy he may have left. 

           In the last sentence of the report detailing the shameful debacle, the reporter commented: “The thing David had done displeased the Lord.”(II Samuel 11:27).  That is an understatement.  A Classic Understatement.  Apparently out of control, David had set in motion some forces which no spin machine could control.  No glib, smooth-talking, fast-talking “front man” with any amount of money could hush.  ”God was not pleased.”  That has the sound to me of a quiet rumbling, growing beneath the surface and about to unleash wrath.    For a while I’ve been pondering what would happen next in this breaking scandal.  my thoughts so far are under a file which I’ll be calling “You Da Man!” 

           Before launching into that, though, I wanted to let you know I truly appreciate the thoughtful encouragement and comments some of you have offered.  you don’t need to be reluctant to share your own observations.  I’m wanting to learn from you as well as hoping something I write might be helpful to you.  I also wanted to wish you again much great Joy as you’ve pondered the real meaning of Christmas and as you take that with your aith and hope into all your new years.  And, there’s another thing I’ve done while trying to take care of a sick wife (She’s better now, thank you.) and juggle a few other responsibilities.  In my opinion, the people who comment on this site are smarter and better writers than I could ever hope to be.  I don’t know how they do it, but if  you click on the little icon (Picture) beside their remarks, it will take you to their sites.  

         I’ve mentioned several of my friends before.  I believe you’d be really impressed with the entire lot of them.   Anne Lang Bundy, Bob Brault, Brad Moore, nAncy, Neil Simpson, Robert Sutherland, Marie Notcheva, Mark Ryman, and others.  They invest a good deal of time and thought into their efforts, and they enjoy their work. If  you appreciate their talent, why not tell them? Your encouragement will simply double their joy and inspire them to continue and get better.  And you’ll feel better, too, doing something that icne!  

          Expressing appreciation and offering encouragement is a good thing for everyone involved.  I think I’ll make that one of my New Year’s Resolutions! 

(I’ll Be Back Shortly.  ~Donkimrey)


5 responses to “A Brief Pause

  1. Thanks for the mention, Don. Wow, I’m in some good company there.

    Your thoughts on glory are indeed worth pondering a while. Thanks again.

  2. oops. icne in the last sentence is Martian for “nice.” Make nice, not icne!

  3. I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog. I’ve had a brief look here and am so intrigued by what you’ve undertaken.
    Happy New Year , to you and your family, and looking forward to reading more here.

  4. brief pauses are good for the soul… but I know you won’t be far away… blessings to you. thank you for your resilience!

    • Cindy: Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. In trying to wrap up some details on a book, care for my wife as she battles sickness (not life-threatening), etc, I don’t post as frequently as I’d like. I really don’t want to churn stuff out w/out honest, careful thought and prayer and earnest effort, so the posts don’t come quickly and easily to me. In continuing my dealing with Gods’ “Comeback Kids,” I’m trying to complete my study of David. It isn’t easy. I left him where Samuel says “God wasn’t pleased with what D had done.” Now comes Nathan. As necessary as honesty and repentance are, it isn’t a happy subject to address. In the same general time frame, I’ve been at work on Jacob (a con artist if ever there were one), Gideon (mighty man of valor or a wimp?), Samson, etc. Then, too, realizing the male orientation, and not being a chauvinist, I’m searching for some female gender “comeback kids” types. Time. Just takes time. Thanks again for visiting and offering encouragement. Happy New Year! don

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