My journey is about to reach a milestone. The editing of final chapters of God’s Comeback Kids is being done as I write. Next step is getting it in final format, and I have the good fortune of knowing and loving two experts in that area (my sons Tim and Jon) who have taken on that task.

Also, a website is up. Needs tweaking, but you will be able to witness its growth and development. You’ll also have opportunity very soon to record your suggestions and thoughts. I welcome that.

There’ll be a brief pause after publication of GCBK before I strike out on the next adventure. At least a couple things are on my mind, and some who read the blog have suggested those: viz, (1.) a workbook to be a companion piece and study guide for the first installment of Comeback Kids, (2.) at least one sequel to “comeback kids” in the Bible and (3.) a book about current examples of heroic comebacks.

As always, I welcome and appreciate your response. I’d also be grateful if you invited some of your friends to join us on our journey. Don’t do that, though, if you doubt the value of the book and its author’s purpose.
God’s son and servant, your friend and fellow student.

Oh, by the way, the website is or org

You may be aware that I’ve been wrestling with the idea of the contents in the idea of David being a “man after God’s Own Heart.” Since I believe that is perhaps the key factor in the man’s rise to fame and power to begin with, and also it was perhaps the main key to his comeback, I’m trying to discover how he acquired such a compliment. What was there about him that he was considered so special? What did that have to do with his being restored after having committed such grave sins against God and crimes against man?

Thinking takes time. Thinking seriously and prayerfully, looking for insights into my own failures and achievements and aspirations takes even more time. But I believe it is worth every effort and every minute. Speaking of that aspiration (i.e. becoming a “man after God’s own heart), here’s a poem which has long been perhaps my favorite. As far short of it as I fall, it remains the pinnacle to which I aspire.

“I have one deep supreme desire:
That I may be like Jesus.
To this I fervently aspire,
That I may be like Jesus.
His spirit fill my hungering soul,
His power all my life control.
My deepest prayer, My highest goal:
That I may be like Jesus.” (T. Chisolm)


3 responses to “PLEASE PERMIT US TO PAUSE…

  1. i saw a very nice comment on shrinking the camel today, i am humbled that anyone would say such nice things.

    i did not realize that you were writing a book.
    i will be wanting to go over soon to look at the web page that is being put together.

  2. well, i just checked out the web page for the book! oh, my! it is going to be a wonderful book 🙂

    i would like to read it. fer sure!

    i hope i get the chance.

  3. shrinkingthecamel

    Congratulations Don! Keep persisting and see what God has in store for you.

    As for David getting that special treatment from God? Well, I think he might say that about you and me too. He can’t play favorites, can He?

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