It is not in my nature to be rude or discourteous to anyone. While I’ve made a commitment of my life to Jesus Christ, I want to be considerate of everyone, including those who disagree with me or who have not met Him and do not view Jesus as Savior and Lord. Even when I disagree sharply with their points of view.

When I started this blog, it was out of a desire to share discoveries I had made (and am making) in my own journey of faith. I spent too many years away from Christ to waste much time in verbal sparring or intellectual gymnastics. I made a deliberate determination at the outset that I would not be drawn into theological, political, philosophical, metaphysical or any other areas where people are likely to become combative and either offensive or defensive. If someone is looking for a place to debate, there are sites where that traffic is welcome. If someone simply wishes to pontificate, they can always start their own blog.

For that reason, I felt an additional word of clarification might be in order. A couple of days ago, for example, I received a letter from a gentleman who was evidently a follower of a religious leader from Korea. I did not feel his comments were relevant to anything we had discussed on the site. I also felt his comments bordered on proselytizing. I do not have any desire or intention, and certainly don’t have the space to air every opinion that is expressed . . . especially when it appears to be mistaken or irrelevant to our task.

Perhaps this would be a good time for me to state a policy as clearly as I can: I’ll reserve the right to determine what appears on the site. I’ll try to be as open minded and charitable as a gentleman can be. At the same time, if in my fallible judgment any comment is ugly, a personal attack on anyone, mean spirited, or simply crude, rude, irrelevant or pointless, it will not appear in print under the Scripturesudent.wordpress masthead.

I believe most intelligent, kind people will think this a reasonable policy.

       Among my friends there are some very, very capable thinkers who deal with apologetics and related matters.  They are very thorough and professional and courteous way with current events, and are open to discuss such issues far more competently than I.  Neil Simpson is one of them.  His blog site is chock full of information and you are welcome to visit and participate in discussions at http://4simpsons.wordpress.com/. Another who is extremely well-versed is Marie Notcheva
She posts regularly at http://theo-geek.blogspot.com/


6 responses to “A WORD ABOUT POLICY

  1. Post Script: I will not disregard anyone, and will respond offline to the gentleman who wrote. I’ll explain my reason for not posting his letter. My experience has been that some issues are like waving red flags in front of a raging bull. Creating needless controversies, creating confusion that can lead to chaos, and knowing nothing I say will make a difference with someone whose mind is already set never has been my “bag of tricks.”

  2. Don,

    I’ve seen some “religious” blog/web sites with huge viewer numbers that are of a Jerry Springer Show mentality. You’re to be applauded for not succumbing to that.

    That it is not in your nature to be rude or discourteous to anyone is what makes you YOU. (smile) Don’t ever change that.


  3. Hey Don,

    It was great to have your visit at FaithBarista last week. I think your clarification was well articulated. And very reasonable (it’s your blog after all, my friend) :).

    I especially thought it was thoughtful of you to point folks to a site that would give them outlet, as alternative option. Very gentlemanly. Blessings!

  4. shrinkingthecamel

    Don – Now we know. This is a good policy.
    So let’s get to the next Blog post!

    Seriously, you are kind-hearted to make such a policy known. Me, I would have just deleted the questionable comment and moved on. You? You have a deeper concern for that person’s soul.
    God bless!

  5. Your handling of the matter seems just right to me. I think the last lines of Ebby’s and Shrinkingthecamel’s posts are exactly right, too.

  6. Hi, Don–
    Here is the information on the next presentation you requested.
    I also have made some general comments about presentations on my blog, http://www.evelynsweet-hurd.com.

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