“. . . LEST WE FORGET. . . “

         Recently I read His Name Was Donn.  It is a collection of letters from a young lieutenant who died in combat in the war in Vietnam, interspersed with poignantly written comments by his “kid sister,” who’s grown up now, gotten her PhD and become a college English Professor and an award-winning author. 

            The book brings into sharp focus the sacrifice of the brave young men and women who are willing to give “the last full measure of their devotion” for their country. It shows also the deep pain, the lingering suffering inflicted on families who’ve loved so deeply and lost so much. It reminds me, too, of a debt I owe and can never repay.  After carrying the cache of letters around for nearly forty years, Dr. Sweet-Hurd chose to deal with her pain.  She opens her own heart, and along with grief that won’t go away, you can see the admiration and affection she felt for her big brother, who was obviously her hero.  The book pays tribute to her beloved brother …an all-American boy who could have grown up just down the street from me.  Or could have been my best friend, or brother, or my own son.

            I don’t know about you, but especially on occasions like Memorial Day and July 4, my heart swells with gratitude and pride when I think of our service personnel and their families and what they’ve given and continue to give for us. If you view some more information on the website http://outskirtspress.com/HisNameWasDonn-LettersFromVietnam.  If you wish, you may purchase a copy of your own through amazon.com.

          Just a reminder that we should be grateful and pray for our military service personnel and their families, wherever they may serve.

              God’s servant, your friend, ~donkimrey


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