Many who visit this site know I’ve been working on a book.  It’s pretty close to finished (I think. I hope.), but I’ve found the process of getting something proofed, edited,  and ready to be published, is actually more difficult than writing.  Those “details” would have probably been beyond me, except for the help I’ve received from some very capable, good friends.  One of them, a truly remarkable lady, is Donna Taylor.  She was the first person, outside my immediate circle of obviously prejudiced family, whom I asked an honest opinion of my effort in doing God’s Comeback Kids.  I respected both her intelligence and her integrity and when she told me it was worth pursuing, that made me even more determined to finish the task.  She and her husband, Rick, contributed as much as I did in trying to get something which looked and acted like a book.

           Donna died this morning, after a courageous, unselfish battle with cancer.  A truly remarkable lady.  To the last, she exhibited faith and expressed peace and confidence.   She worked at her computer almost till the last day, making a birthday card for her little grand daughter, leaving “wisdom” she’d compiled through the years, and “instructions” for her husband and family for them to use in her absence.   Weak, but determined to the end, I sat with her and talked and prayed a couple days ago.  She expressed her confidence that the Lord was with her and she’d  soon be with him.  And she gave me a couple of “assignments” that she knew she wouldn’t be able to complete. She was involved in so many ways helping others.  Never looking for recognition.  Always giving generously.  She will be missed by many who have treasured memories of their own.  She left a splendid example of service, and some “unfinished business” which she began and now leaves in the hands of others who should now come forward to try to fill the void.  For the glory of Christ, to be sure, but also in her honor and in her memory.

               I had already decided to include the following words in the project for which she deserves a large share of credit when it is finished.


         Rarely does a combination and concentration of intelligence, candor, generosity, patience, faith, courage and grace reside in just one person.  In Donna Taylor I found such a friend.  In days when her own health was declining sharply, Donna expressed confidence in this project, and in me.  She offered encouragement and worked tirelessly and patiently with me to get past my misgivings and doubts about my efforts and help make my rambling writing begin to look like a book. 

         With great respect, admiration, and appreciation, I acknowledge a lasting debt to her and pay tribute as I say a temporary farewell to Donna Taylor.






One response to “TRIBUTE

  1. How sad!! What a beautiful tribute to a servant of Christ who was no doubt a credit to His Kingdom.

    Who is publishing Comeback Kids, Don? When is it coming out? I’ll buy a few.

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