As some of you may know by now, I’m moving in the direction of publishing some of the studies we’ve been doing on God’s Comeback Kids.  I considered the traditional route, but have found existing publishers/agents to be more of an obstacle than an avenue to the public.  That is true, especially if you’re new and unknown.  Since that seems to be the case (“Don Who?”), some friends who’ve encouraged me in this effort, have decided to go forward “on our own.”  That way, we’ll have flexibility and control over the format, which I’m hoping may become a workbook of some sort to be used in small groups.

         Thank you for your interest in God’s Comeback Kids.  It has been a great challenge to me, and as it has moved along toward possible publication, my prayer has been simply that God would use it to encourage and inspire someone else and to use it to bring others “home” to Himself.  If you are helped by the studies in any way, please know that makes me very happy and grateful.

         If you know others who may be helped by the studies, please don’t be bashful about recommending that they read it.  Or buy if for a friend who needs encouragement!   Or, suggesting that it be used as a study guide in some of the classes at your Church or on retreats.

         This is my first attempt at publishing anything beside Church newsletters, brochures, press releases and the like.  So, I’m on a “learning curve.”  I don’t have a large organization (that’s a classic understatement!), so our resources are limited (and another u.s.!). I do hope to find a way to get this kind of message into the hands of those who most need it.  I’m not a “non-profit” organization, and doubt seriously if I’ll go through the “red tape” required to set up one.  There are, however, Christian organizations whose entire existence is based on serving those who may be out of “hope and at the end of their rope.”

         I prefer not to get tied up with a lot of record keeping or “paper work.”  That’s just not my “schtick.”  It would require time and resources  an ability which I don’t possess.  Instead, I’d prefer to work with some already established Christian service organizations who can do that much more effectively and efficiently than I.  They’re also in position to recognize your contribution as a legitimate income tax deduction.  Even if that isn’t important to you, the fact of the matter is that it enables you to give more because the gift isn’t taxed.

         Nothing is “cast in concrete” at the moment.   But we are moving steadily toward a publishing date.  I’ll keep you “posted.”  (no pun intended!).  However, if there is interest on the part of anyone (or any organization) who could use such a book as another “tool” in their ministry, I do want to hear from you and will work with you toward such a goal.   It’s early, so details need to be worked out.  Here on the site, very soon, I’ll probably post the Table of Contents and perhaps some sample chapters to give you an idea of where I’m headed.  Please pray for this effort, and feel free to offer suggestions, advice, etc.  You may contact me in the response box below, or through the information available on the masthead.  I would really appreciate your prayers.  

God’s servant, your friend, and fellow student  ~donkimrey

P.S.  Another friend, Rick Taylor (who owns “Mollies’ Restaurant” here on our Island) has set me up a “Web site.”  I’m not sure how to work it, but I do have some smart sons and friends.  All we have at the moment is http://www.GodscomebackKids.org or net or com.  Promise I’ll do better!


4 responses to “WHERE YOU BEEN, BOY!?

  1. All the best. It should be a good book.

  2. shrinkingthecamel

    YEAH!! GO DON!!
    Be persistant and get ‘er done. With God’s help, and enough time and effort, you will see it through. All my best.

  3. Ditto the above posts!

    God’s Comeback Kids teach us to not sit back and passively read scripture – but to actively become involved. The Comeback Kids in scripture turned their trials into triumphs. We can learn from them and do the same.

    I look forward to reading your book, Don. (smile)

  4. How many pages do you anticipate the book to have?

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