Just wanted to let you know I haven’t pulled a Rip Van Winkle on you and wondered off to some secluded meadow for an extended nap.  Some things are happening which I’m anxious to share with you, but feel it’s a bit premature at the moment.  The reason I mention it now is to to explain why there haven’t been any posts in the last few days and to ask your prayerful consideration

          Attempting to prepare my own mind for the season we call “Easter,” my thoughts for our study have been focused primarily on the arrest, trial, and brutal “legal” murder of Jesus.  I’ve been visiting and contemplating each of the New Testament accounts of those events.  When you set aside your preconceived notions, and just think, use your common sense, and your imagination the reports take on a new sence of urgency, immediacy.   For your own benefit, I’d encourage you to set some quiet time aside to consider the significance of what I’ve been calling an “Eternal Event.”

          Here are some questions which I’ve tried to address with my mind and heart open to,  just simply, The Word of God.  The Biblical accounts.  That was, after all, all that the early Church had to go by.

          And even that wasn’t available immediately.  The Church would gather and listen to reports from eye witnesses before any account was written on papyrus, or stone tablets, or paper, or computer screens.  It was long before CNN live, round the clock, round the world instant access to anything and everything you want to know or, in some cases, don’t need to know.  All these early followers of Christ was bare essentials.

             Have you ever wondered HOW the explosion of evangelism took place in those exciting, early days?  Something took place that literally set their spirits ablaze, and when that took place Christianity swept like a wild fire across the Middle East, Europe, and eventually the entire globe.   That was caused because they listened carefully, thoughtfully, and personally to the witnesses and those who read the early manuscripts at small, perhaps simple and  probably disorganized, “prayer and praise meetin’s!”      

           So, what I’ve been doing is: trying to set aside my preconceptions and simply ponder, seeking answers to such questions like these:

~ Who was responsible for the arrest, trial, and execution?

(This isn’t intended to be a multiple-choice question.  But I could name names.  There don’t seem to be many (or even any) innocent bystanders.  Even those milling about idly, perhaps attracted by their curiosity at such commotion so early in the morning, seem to have been sucked into the insanity and injustice of the moment.  Who’s in charge?  Is this a free for all?  It looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum.  Is ANYONE in charge 

 ~ Could the outcome have been prevented?   How? 

~ How many of the Ten Commandments were broken?   By whom?  What is the significance of that?   Can you document the instances which seem to choke your sense of justice and you cannot swallow? 

 ~ How many other violations can you locate which destroy, ignore,  or distort the Roman Law, or our current system which goes out of its way to protect the rights of defendants?   Do you discover any other violations of your sense of justice or fair play?  Or regard for human dignity?  Or the perpetrators’  own self-respect? 

~  Do you know any attorneys who’d be willing to take up such a case in the event of an appeal?  What would be their case? 


~ What would I have done differently if I’d actually been there that morning?   How would You? 


~ How do such events affect my thinking and living today?


I’m studying along with you, and hope you’ll feel at liberty to express your own thoughts.  And add your own questions.


God’s servant, your brother, friend, and fellow student,



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