By now you know I have the Apostle Peter under surveillance.  Been trying to discover what “makes him tick.”  Trying to figure out how he got into and out of “jams.”  Then, of course, I’m deliberately trying to determine what value the lessons learned from him can bring to my own life.  That study continues, after this brief interruption.  

           The brief pause here is in tribute to departed N.C. State University Coach Kay Yow.  Not given to such, it was my good fortune this afternoon to watch her televised service.  In all my life, I’ve  never seen anything like it.  Nothing!  She planned her entire funeral service herself, and as part of it she gave her personal testimony by video tape.  I wept.  And felt the “cold chills” which often accompany joy.  That, along with the entire service, was as powerful and gripping as any service of any description that I’ve ever witnessed!  It was beautiful!  In my opinion, that is a huge understatement.

              At seven o’clock today (Saturday), there will be a presentation on the Raleigh Television station.  I’m not certain if the entire service will be re-broadcast or when.  But your life will be enriched and your hope and faith will be reinforced if you find it.   I believe I would have been speechless.  The “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah at the conclusion was as eloquently articulate as anything I could imagine.

                I don’t believe I’m given to “gushing.”  This is truly a gift from God for anyone who’s willing to hear His voice.  With thousands watching live in attendance and by television, only Heaven knows how many heard. . . and perhaps will respond to . . . the clear, simple, personal and powerful presentation of the Gospel of Christ.  

                        And now I say farewell … it’s been a

wonderful journey, especially since the time I accepted

Jesus as my lord and savior.”    -Kay Yow


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2 responses to “A TRIBUTE TO A CHAMPION

  1. She sounds like a wonderful woman, Don. For those of us outside your great state of North Carolina, we can probably view the presentation on YouTube at some point. I look forward to seeing it.

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