Thank You!

My Mother’s youngest brother, Ralph Swink, has gone “Home.”  As he wished, at the last he was in his home surrounded by his beloved wife and children.  As he also requested, and typical of the kind of humility he displayed, he requested a private “sendoff.”  He wanted no big “to do,” and the family honored that request.  They also are grateful for your expression of concern and your prayers.

           A couple of other things have come up which have kept me occupied and away from the convenience of my study and work area.  Nothing serious, just personal, business, etc.  Also, I’ve discovered that the father of a very dear friend has died and I want to see her before we return to the coast.  Meg Scott Phipps is a dear, dear friend.  She has, in fact, been one of my inspirations for the studies on the “Comeback Kids.”  Her father, Bob Scott, was Governor of North Carolina and one of the most widely respected leaders we’ve had.  Please pray for Meg and her family at this time of loss.

           I have a couple  more studies on the Apostle Peter.  They’ll be up very soon.  Before you read my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours.  Especially, I’d like to know your answers to questions like this:  (1.)  How did Peter fall?   (2.)  How did he happen to get “restored?”  (3.)  How is his situation like ours.  Mine, to be specific?  Yours, to be even more specific and personal?  What do you make of the facts which are recorded about him?  It seems pretty certain that he was a sword-slinging, swash-buckling, red headed , hot-headed rowdy.  And for sure, the “cologne” he wore smelled fishy.  Tell me what you imagine he was really like.

          I’ll be home soon.  Thank you again, so much, for your prayers.  One of the “fringe benefits” of this effort is that I’ve come to know some “mighty fine folks.”  I pray for you, too.        ~dk


One response to “Thank You!

  1. Hey Don,

    Condolences on the death of your uncle. How comforting to know, though, that he is in his eternal home. I don’t know what happened to my comment of a couple of weeks ago, but I was posting the links to 2 Macarthur sermons on insights into Peter’s character and personality. His series on the Apostles – what we can learn about their natures and idiosyncracies from the Gospels – became a book, “Twelve Ordinary Men”. Very enjoyable and insightful.

    Anyway, here’s the ones where he talks about my homeboy and your, the Apostle Peter:

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