We’re continuing our study of I Corinthians 10:13.  I’ll share my thoughts, but I’m wanting and waiting to hear what YOU think. The direction in which I’ve been heading will address what I think about Paul’s saying “BUT, God is Faithful.”  What conclusions do you draw from that?  What does His being “Faithful” have to do with our dealing with the temptations which so often and “so easily beset us?”  And, consider the phrase: “make a way of escape.”  Has it ever occurred to you when you’re “under fire” to look for an Exit?                                                                                                                                                                  At a very trying time in my life, this study has meant more to me than I can say.  And your encouragement has been an added blessing. Please feel free to share your own insights, and also to read the comments when our fellow students post them.  I can assure you that some are thinking and throwing light on the subjects that I had not seen.

         One development which has given me great joy is that, in the process of trying to diagnose and deal with some little medical issues I’ve had, some of the staff members had looked at my “blog.”  To my great delight, they asked if I’d lead them in a Bible Study.  Would I?  WOULD I ??!! The Office Manager (Beth Doles, who’s much sharper with the computer than I am) printed out the entire study I’ve posted.  All of them!  From beginning to the current post.  She made notebooks for every staff member, including notepaper for their use, with their names printed on their own shiny new notebooks.  I couldn’t help but be amused when we had a meeting in their office during lunch (1:00-2:30).  I had to come early for another x ray and a brief exam at 12:00.  When it was completed, I stepped outside for a few minutes and came back for the study in the “Conference Room.” It was in the room where I’d just been “photographed,” and the conference table around which we gathered was the exam table on which I’d been lying  just a few minutes before!

         My reason for this brief interruption is because I’ve had some “glitches” with my computer and getting stuff up right on the site.  That has presented me with greater difficulty than doing the studies.  I may have told you that Tim and Jon ( two of my sons are helping me. )  are both “computer friendly.”  Originally, when Tim set up the site, he was going to entitle it “Scripture SCHOLAR,”  I objected for a couple of reasons: (1) I don’t claim or pretend to be a SCHOLAR, and didn’t want to present that image, feeling it may put distance between the people with whom I  hope to speak and my self.  (2.) My studies would not be of a “Scholarly” nature.  I’ll deliberately avoid any divisive matters or controversial issues dealing with theology (especially as it relates to denominational differences.), or politics. or church dogma.  My focus is intended to be a simple, thoughtful, prayerful, devotional approach. . . Just an attempt on my part to try to listen carefully to the Word of God, understand and apply it in my own life, and share what I see.  I hope it will be helpful and give hope to someone who may have to struggle for faith.  

        This latest development (my admitted bungling  ineptitude in skillfully navigating the internet) has provided a third reason why I didn’t call myself a Bible SCHOLAR!  How’d you like to ride on a bus with a driver who didn’t know where he was going or how to get there!  My bumbling efforts to acquire skills with the internet enabled me to laugh at myself.  Often and out loud!  And never, never, will I pretend to be something I’m not!    Scholar?  No, not I.     Student?  Yes.  Eagerly, dilligently, trying to understand and share Scripture. 

        Just as soon as my sons help me get my latest posts up correctly, I’ll take up where we left off.  If you read this Scripture carefully and thoughtfully, it is going to become a part of you.   Consider it a part of Discipleship “Basic Training.”  Then watch how, under enemy fire, this conditioning will become your best defensive and offensive spiritual weapon!  I’m taking right much time now considering the life of Job, whom I am nominating as one of “God’s Comeback Kids.”

God’s servaant, your friend, brother, and fellow student, ~donkimrey



  1. Don, how glorious it is to be a student of the Lord! Can you imagine a more wonderful teacher? Nothing can compare to His personal and individual tutoring.

    I’m a fellow student, too, and learning something new every day!

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