As we wrap up our study of Moses, certainly one of “God’s Comeback Kids,” let’s consider a couple things:  (1.)  The basis for the study of his life is the Bible ~ specifically, the book of Exodus.  While I haven’t mentioned specific ‘chapter and verse’ location, the source is Scripture.  I haven’t attempted a verse by verse exposition or an “exegetical,” scholarly examination.  It appears to me that my conclusions have simply been logical deductions and conclusions which anyone can reach.  It is just common sense and observation.  (2.)  God was never absent.  He was working consistently for years, selecting, patiently preparing right leader for the right mission and at precisely the “right time.”  That fact wasn’t evident to a casual observer, and perhaps not even to Moses while he was in the heat of battle.  I’ve given considerable thought to this.  It occurred to me that, in Nature, bulbs and seeds spend most of their lives in the dark and underground. But even though their bursting into dazzling floral displays or fruit, God is at work in the process from start to finish.

         At least a part of Moses’ reurn seems to be a matter of timing.  And that is God’s prerogative.  When the “fullness of time” arrived, He wasn’t caught off guard.  He had the ‘man and the plan’

         I wish that I could be so eloquent here that you would be convinced the Same God may, at this very moment, be working quietly, unnoticed, to prepare YOU for the task He’s chosen for you.  You’ve certainly been taught the value of laws and principles which are firmly fixed in nature.  In mathematics, two plus two equals four.  It has always and will continue to be that case.  Two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen will make water every. Every time.  The law of gravity is so well known and inviolable that a person would have to be a fool (and perhaps a dead one) to defy its reality.  In my opinion, God has recorded the lives of these great men to show us how they got into trouble.  How God arranged their comeback, their emergence from obscurity and a life of  service.  He doesn’t need to keep repeating something we already know.  You and I can safely conclude (based on many examples) that God is also working in our lives. . . even when we feel we’ve fallen or failed  Just as Jesus said many years later, we will never be left nor forsaken.

         Please.  Don’t view these studies merely as an academic endeavour.  Or some kind of intellectual exercise.  The experiences of so many of these figures are so much like what you and I experience.  And, by the same token (and no matter what ‘appearances’ may suggest), HE IS NOT YET THROUGH WITH YOU and me! 

         I hope you’ll do your own reading and thinking. . . and deciding.

(Looking ahead   (I’m continuing to work on “God’s Comeback Kids” and will be very interested in hearing from you.  Job, David, Samson, Peter, the “Prodigal Son,” and others are going to be the subjects of study as I have opportunity to “run a background check” on all of those aspiring to be a “Comeback Kid.”   In each case I’m using pretty much the same formula (How did they “stray away?”  What happened when they were gone, and how did it affect their lives later?

What similarities do you see comparing these men to our own situations  (mine and yours.)?  What will you do with such information? 

          In the meanwhile, I’m going to dig into this single sentence:  “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man; but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted above that you are able. . . but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it.” (I Corinthans 10/13  You may want to read ahead and also consider the context in which this principle is stated.  Who’s Paul talking to?  What put him into a position where he felt compelled to write theletter in the first place?

         Some of the questions I’m pondering are:  What is “temptation” as it relates to you today?  How does temptation “take” you?” If I am successful in resisting “temptation,” who bears the greatest responsibility for that success?  When you and I are dealing with “temptation” or the things that threaten t o wreck us spiritually, what is one of the wisest things we can do.

         I’ll be back shortly, and would really value your sharing with us your own insights into such a verse 

His servant, your friend and fellow student    ~donkimrey                           


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