We’ll never exhaust the possibilities which are contained in any part of Scripture.  The life of Joseph merits close and continuing consideration, and I hope you’ll continue to re-visit Genesis 37-50.  For the purposes of this “study” in what I choose to call “God’s Comeback Kids,” we’re wrapping up our time spent with Joseph of Egypt.  The lessons linger.  The one stated in the last chapter of Genesis is a treasure.  It is a “pearl of great price.”  I’ve never told you anything more true and beautiful.  It is yours now.  Cherish it.  Remember it when your world seems to cave in on you.  It will stand you in good stead. 

           Especially would I encourage you to review the “Key to Joseph’s Comeback.” There’s hardly anything I’ve ever said or read that comes close to the profoundly beautiful statement contained in Genesis 50:17-21.  That statement alone was “worth the price of admission!”   I realize if you’ve been with me from the beginning that sometimes we struggled a bit.  God is gracious, kind, wise, patient, and always present.  I tell myself that and believe it.  I’m convinced of the truth that He does, indeed, intend that all circumstances will ultimately serve a good purpose.  Paul said pretty much the same thing in the sentence we often quote as Romans 8:28.

            SOME OF THE THINGS I’VE READ HAVE NOT BEEN CLEAR OR EASY TO UNDERSTAND.  I’ve read things written by “scholars” and have honestly had to scratch my head at times and ask: “What in the wide world are they talking about?”  It seemed they were more interested in impressing me with their scholarship than in speaking truth plainly.  You’ve had similar experiences, too, haven’t you?  You’d hear a sermon, or lecture, or read a book and it was like slogging in too-large galoshes across a continent of mud.  If what I say sounds simple, that’s what I want to happen.  My feeling is that teaching should reveal, not conceal, truth.

           I’m continuing my personal examination of the lives of God’s Comeback Kids.  Moses will probably be my next focus.  If you’re still with me, go ahead and read and ponder the information you find in the book of Exodus. (I almost slipped up and called it the book of Moses!).  As we’ve done before, I’ll be asking questions which an investigative journalist would use:  namely, how’d he get into such a mess?  What did he do while he was there and how did that affect his emergence from obscurity?   What were the defining moments and events which resulted in his “comeback?”  What does any of that have to do with me here and now?

            I’m always interested in knowing what you’re discovering.  If you study, pray and meditate, YOU WILL Discover truths.  And if you do that, you MUST SHARE what you discover.

            This study of Moses will take me a bit of time.  In the meanwhile, in the next day or two I’m going to post somethiing I’ve been thinking about for a long time:  What do I LIKE about Jesus?  I’m not talking here about what I LOVE and WORSHIP.  Those are things I could never do myself, but there are things about Him which I admire. . . and CAN DO.  Before you hear what I think, may I ask: “What do YOU think?”

His servant, your friend and fellow student, ~donkimrey


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