This one won’t count

I cannot believe I’ve done twelve posts on Psalm Twenty three.  And have not come close to exhausting the possibilities packed into this beautiful poem.  Several things have struck me as I’ve reflected on this bit of writing.

One is the Value of Solitude.  Can you imagine David. . . or anyone. . . coming up with such thoughts without taking time to think?  It’s obvious, even if you observe casually, that the writer spent quiet moments away from the clang and clamor and distractions of most of our lives.  Can you imagine what truths God would make clear and real to your mind. . . if you simply took the time to listen?  And think?  And pray?

Another is the Beauty of Simplicity.  When most of our “scholars” are concerned with complex thoughts and use words and ideas that tie our mind in a tangle of knots. . . Here comes a little shepherd boy who uses common words, common images that common people understand easily.  And he uses such ordinary language and ideas to express truth which is absolutely profound.

Another is that the “Good Shepherd” loves His sheep. I don’t have the ability to put that in language more clearly than this young, uneducated shepherd boy did.  And, just as the sheep don’t have the ability to understand the concern the Shepherd has and the way he leads, we don’t begin to know how much our “Shepherd” cares for us. 

I told some friends today that I may have to be “out of the loop” for a few days.  Got some personal items to attend.  Hopefully, I can get on some kind of regular schedule.  In the meanwhile, some alligators invaded my “swamp” and I either gotta drain the swamp or kill them alligators! 

Let’s keep studying.  Let’s keep praying for each other.  If you do that, you will certainly discover reality that  will refresh your spirit.  And, once you are blessed, please keep in mind blessings are not given to be stored.  They must be shared.

His servant, your friend and fellow student   -donkimrey



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