(Please remember, the “study” is Psalm Twenty Three.  Please read it and think about it for yourself.  Please also feel free to share with others, and with me, the results of your efforts. –dk)


Oh, yes.  Another thought about sheep.  They can be led.


       I have a West highland Terrier who only has three good legs.  I love her a lot, and “Lucky” (that’s what we named her) will follow me everywhere I go.  But the “terrier” in her is SO feisty, and defiant.  She minds me. . . sometimes. . . well, perhaps occasionally. . . but mostly only when she’s in fear of her life!  And, if that weren’t enough, I also have a Brittany Spaniel.  “Copper” is a beautiful, intelligent, loving animal.  With a mind of her own.  And a strong will which resists even the “choker chains” which I feel forced sometimes to use when she takes me for a walk.


       Sheep aren’t like that.  For some reason, they will yield to the care of the Shepherd, or the guidance of a sheepdog.  Evidently, the shepherd used to sing to the sheep like the “singing cowboys” did for their cattle and their horses.  And the sheep recognized his voice and came when he called.  Or they’d respond to the gentle guidance of the shepherd’s staff.  It’s almost like, as “dense” as they may appear, they have sense to realize they NEED the shepherd.  They submit to his wisdom and authority and allow him to do what shepherds do best: lead, feed, defend and shelter his sheep.


       Sometimes, I act like a Billy goat.  Foolishly at times, and always to my detriment, I’ve defied the will of the “Good Shepherd” and doubted or denied His wisdom or his right to rule His sheep . . . which, after all, He has “Purchased at such great price.”  Perhaps as we study together, you’ll pray that I will know what and who and whose I am!


       One summer long ago as a boy in Vacation Bible School, I heard “Vonnie” Shepherd sing: “Saviour, like a shepherd lead us.  Much we need Thy tender care.  In Thy pleasant pastures lead us.  For our use thy folds prepare.  Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus: Thou has bought us, Thine we are. . .”


       The pleasant memory of that song on that sunny summer morning long ago has lingered. The truth it teaches is as much an expression of my desire today as it was for David the night he strummed his harp, tuned it up a little, hummed a few bars, and composed the lines that are engraved on our hearts and in our memories forever.

A servant and fellow student, donkimrey




3 responses to “27 OH, AND ANOTHER THING. . .

  1. Don, thanks for the kind words!

    I’ll be linking to your site in my Weekly Roundup next Thursday. Hopefully
    that will send a few people your way. You are doing some really good work
    – very well thought out and meaningful. I love the way you put yourself in
    David’s shoes and really think about his perspective. I am usually reading
    too fast to do that, but you help me slow down and see those things.

    Blessings to you and keep up the good work


  2. I am always impressed when I receive your emails and the amount of thought and time you have put into ScriptureStudent. By the way, I like ScriptureStudent better than Scholar. I too am not a scholar and I don’t believe many of us are. My preacher spoke of this scripture a few weeks back and one thing I remember is him mentioning that sheep would not drink from moving water “still waters”. My favorite line here is “he restores my soul” as I believe we all need to be by still water……have time to reflect in order to restore our soul. Benjamin Black,Atlanta

  3. A good shepherd holds the flock- the members of the church- together. I am blessed to be one of His sheep in a body of sheep.

    Good stuff, Don! Thanks.


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