1. We’re still considering the Twenty Third Psalm.  In the next day or two I’ll post the questions I’m using in my own study.  Just wanted to share with you briefly a note which meant a lot to me. 

    I had about decided to keep personal references in my own private “ego-booster” file.  I keep telling me “this isn’t about you, don.  It is the Message that matters.”   Kind comments mean much, especially when they sound thoughtfully intelligent and sincere and not superficial or gushy.  What I’m really “fishing” for is participation from you.  If you prayerfully study Scripture and meditate, you’re as likely to discover something valuable as anyone is.  In fact, it may mean even more to you because YOU discovered it!  It’s YOURS!! So, from your studies, feel free to share what YOU find.  If you catch me straying off track, here’s your invitation to help me stay realistic and helpful.  If you sense that I’m about to “fall on my sword,” by all means let me know you think I’m worth saving. 


    In the exception I’m making to the position stated above, I’ve asked permission to reprint something from a lady whom I’ve never met.  She just “stumbled” on the blog accidentally this past Sunday while “surfing the net” searching for some Bible study sites.  Her name is “Ebby.”  Edited only slightly, here are her comments:


“… thought I’d let you know I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into studying and learning God’s Word.  It has taken me some years to get here but, hey, it’s never too late!  Yesterday, after some extensive discipleship study, I came online for further research. I found some good “stuff” …but just not what I was looking for- so I had a brainstorm (a divine one?). I googled the words “bible study blog” and selected yours and WOW.  I am So Glad I did.  I read for hours yesterday and have done the same this morning.  You speak and write in terms I can understand- that make sense to my spirit.  Thank you.  I will certainly pass your site on.”


I dropped her a note to say “Thank you,” and this was her reply:


“Hi Don,


Thank you for your heart-felt email. There is nothing wrong with appreciating thoughtful, sincere compliments. The good others see in you and compliment you on are really recognitions of Christ’s love they see shining through you, and those compliments are actually a praise to God.  Whew!  That was a mouthful!  I hope it made sense to you. (Don here:  It did, and it seemed worth passing along so you’d think the same way when someone says something nice to you, or about you.)


I can see God’s hand all over your writing/study.  And must say, I’m glad you chose to use the word ‘student’ instead of ‘scholar’.  Few can relate to a scholar; however, many, and those who need it most, can relate to a student. (And personally, I’m drawn to carpenters, shepherds and fishermen over high priests every time!) In fact, I’ll bet your own native, Billy Graham, thinks himself still a student. We can never learn all there is to know about scripture, can we?  We are all life-long students. New spiritual clay.  I’m a Martha who desires to become a Mary. 


You are correct, I am indeed very serious about my spiritual journey.  After reading your email, I went to ‘About’ on your site, and must say I wasn’t at all surprised to read that your background and training are in ministry. Your grasp-of-scripture gave you away.


I know all about personal and painful circumstances/experiences and the need to bail. I used to keep the old running-shoes-of-my-heart handy by the front door… smile/sigh.  But I soon learned wherever I went, there I still was, baggage and all.  Having said all that though, I also need to commend you for knowing when and having the courage to “take a “sabbatical” during your eclipse-of-faith.  


    I also commend you for Returning. 



Don here, again, just before saying: “Over and Out.”   I think Ebby “gets it!”   I’m still working on “The Shepherd’s Song” and will soon post some questions for you to consider while studying

                                                                         A servant, donkimrey




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