“And the Lord said:  Simon,  Simon, behold Satan hath desired thee that he might sift thee as wheat, but I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not . . .”              luke 22:31-32a KJV      


       (I want a bit of time to think further and do some research on the titles used for God in the prayer we’ve been considering, Psalm 19:14.  In  the meanwhile, let’s proceed with the reference shown above.  If you look at the post dated January 19 you’ll see the questions I suggested for this study.  Did you read the section and consider the questions?  Please remember that we’re in this together.  You don’t want to be “spoon-fed,” and I don’t want to be the authoritarian.  We’re studying Scripture together and if this is to become yours, you have to form your own thoughts.  Don’t let anyone else do that for you!) 

Why do you think Jesus called Simon by Name?  TWICE?


         I’m not real sure what to make of this.  I want to be properly respectful; after all we’re talking about the gentleman who’s viewed to be the “Rock” upon which the Church was built. (Personally, I believe the “Rock” was the great confession Simon Peter had made earlier about Jesus being the Messiah.).  The truth, though, is that Peter was just a man. . . impulsive, hot-tempered, and at times nearly arrogant and almost ‘flakey.’ 

          On this occasion, he was anything but an attentive devoted, disciplined, disciple!  On one of the most important evenings in the history of the world, Simon Peter was completely unaware of the anguish Jesus was enduring and of the importance of what He was trying to get across to his band of men before He had to leave them. Keep in mind that NOT ONE of this group was a college grad.  None of the original twelve had wealth, education, or influence.  I believe every last one of them was unwashed, unknown, probably nearly illiterate and completely unimportant on the local, national, and certainly the eternal universal scene!  But they had grandiose ideas about the “Messiah’s’” new kingdom and the role they’d play in it.  Peter, apparently uncaring and ignorant of the struggle his “Christ” was going through, was up to his eyeballs in the argument.  I’m not sure whether Simon Peter had his head in the clouds or in the sand.

     Maybe he was worried about his boat payments.  Or the fishing was poor!  Maybe he was behind on his house payments or his mother-in-law had just moved in.  It appears though, that with Jesus dealing with the betrayal by Judas and the looming reality of the Cross, Peter was in a heated argument with his “buddies” over who’d be “head honcho” when the Kingdom came!

     We ought to pay attention anytime Jesus has anything to say.  But when He “calls my name,” there’s no mistaking to whom He’s speaking.  And, unless you can put your own name in some of these places, the meaning is lost on you.  God doesn’t keep doing and saying the same things over and over.  He gives us principles we can identify, and by which we can live.  Those principles are eternal, but they also become personal.  When He speaks with His disciples in a situation, it is probably going to be the same thing He would say to you and me in similar circumstances.

     When Jo Lynn  (one of my children) was just a little girl, I’d hold her in my arms and if I were, paying her no attention or looking away when she was trying to say something, she’d take both her little hands, place them on each side of my chin and turn my head so we were face to face, nose to nose.  There was no mistaking that she had something to say, and there was no mistaking whom she was addressing.


       At any rate, Jesus had to get Simon’s attention because his mind was somewhere else.  I don’t know how Christ would speak to you today.  But I do believe He will do that    . . . if He can get your attention.  He said He “knows his sheep, and calls them by name.”

          Are you paying attention?

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One response to “10. SIMON, SIMON

  1. Donna (Foster) Burnop

    Wow! Imagine finding you on the net! I was doing a random search, trying to find Jo, and when I Googled “Jo Lynn” I found you! I’m so glad to see that you’re okay, and that you’re still ministering. I agree with your thoughts on this subject. How’s Jo? I’m well – my husband is still pastoring, and we’re the proud grandparents of four grandsons! Please write back and catch me up on everything. May God continue to bless you, Donna

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