9. ” . . . IN THY SIGHT. . . “

Let the Words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy Sight, O Lord, My Strength and my Redeemer…PSALM 19:14


Let’s stop and just think about that a bit. The implication is obvious: GOD SEES ME! He knows who I am, where I am, and what I’m doing. That’s awesome!

Further, He sees what’s inside. . . our reasons for doing what we do. The Bible says elsewhere: “Man looks on the outward appearance. God looks on the heart.” He never gets “faked out” by appearances.

To be completely honest, sometimes that thought is enough to scare living daylights out of me. Especially when I’ve said and thought and done thngs I had no business even thinking about! Or, when I’ve been in places and situations where I would definitely have been embarrassed if my Mom had seen me there. Much more if my Lord had walked in there and then.

In times like that, I believe I can understand how Peter felt on that early morning after he’d had the “Last Supper” with Jesus. Remember how he’d boasted about how strong and faithful he’d be to Jesus, even if every one of those other ‘rascals’ walked out on him. Jesus saw right through Peter and told him before the rooster crowed early the next morning he would have denied THREE TIMES that he ever even knew Jesus. Sure enough, next morning, Peter caved under the pressure. He denied he was associated with the Man who was being roughed up by the Roman soldiers and their court system. Last time, just to emphasize and nearly prove his point, Peter added some profanities. At that precise moment, the soldiers led Jesus, bound, and Peter saw Him. And Jesus looked at Peter. Their eyes locked as Jesus was being led away to be executed like a common criminal, and there was no condemnation. Jesus saw Peter at the point of his deepest failure and need.

Peter went away from the campfire into the early cold morning darkness, broke down and wept.

Later, after He got up from the grave, Jesus restored Peter’s faith and courage. And his shattered confidence in himself. He treats us the same way, even when He sees us fail and fall.

On other occasions, the Lord sees when we’re trying hard and not doing so well. He’s watched watched and seen some of my “best” efforts sputter and fizzle and die. I’ve “messed up.” Often. Privately. Publicly. Shamefully. He’s observed quietly as my “good” intentions fell flatter than a pancake without self-rising flour. In times like that, it comes as a great encouragement that the One who cares the most also sees and understands when I’ve tried my best. . . and failed. Whether or not anyone else knows or notices or even cares, He does.

We are always “in His sight.” That’s good enough reason to be encouraged and hopeful. . . and careful.

The next post will attempt to understand why the Psalmist in this prayer uses three titles for God. Are they just “words,” or do they mean something?


A couple of things seem worth mentioning here. You’ve noticed when you come to the sight that you’re sort of coming in the back door. Some things have been done before you got here that have bearing on what you’re reading. In order to help reduce the possibility of confusion, I’ve begun numbering the posts in the order in which they were posted. They’re also dated and the index to your right will tell you where you are in the process. That way it won’t be like you’re watching a film running in reverse! Also, I’ve decided that in each post I’ll include the passage being studied and highlight the specific phrase or word on which we’re concentrating. Hope that helps.

Also, for my own further study, I’m printing the pages in the logical and chronological order they appear and making myself a notebook. Your comments and observations are included in that. Someone asked about using the material here in other Bible studies, and my response is: “Of course. I’d honestly be honored.” I’ll try to keep in mind what I view to be my Source of information and what my purpose is in doing this work. If you’re encouraged and perhaps share what you learn with another, then I’m twice blessed! (1.) I found some “good stuff” and (2.) I shared it. I hope you’ll do your own study, in your own way, and keep track of your progress. Then share and live what you learn.

It really means a lot to me when it seems someone “gets it.” They understand what I’m trying to do and the reason why. I’m hoping for participation from you…your thoughts, suggestions and questions about the specific Scripture text we are considering. I also am anxious to receive your thoughts about how to improve the format and get through to people who are looking for such an approach to the Bible. I’m human enough, though, to let you know the kind of response printed below “made my day.” Another, from my “first born son,” enforced my confidence that I made a good decision in trying to do this study.

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I checked out your website and think it is awesome. Very informative and I really like how you break down scripture so that those of us who read scripture and don’t exactly know what it means can now get a feeling of what the scripture is saying. Your site was easy to navigate and I know you will continue to put more and more information on there. I also know you are a wealth of information when it comes to the Bible and we could all use a teacher to help those of us better understand the Word of God. Keep up the good work!
Ben Black, Atlanta


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