Help me stay “on track.”

Below is my first post. It seems to have gotten lost to some when it was sent to the “About” place. I repeat it here for those who may drop in later, and also to keep my mind focused on what I’m attempting.

I hope those who come to the blog will ALWAYS READ THE SCRIPTURE REFERENCES. FIRST. And then think about it prayerfully and form your own opinions. I don’t want to do the thinking for anyone, and truth will never become yours until you make it your own.

I’ve decided it might be worthwhile to think just a bit further on Psalm 19:14, especially the last phrase in the prayer. I’d really like for you to explore what it means to be “acceptable” “in Thy sight,” and then consider the three titles the psalmist uses when addressing God. In his response to the first study, Lamar Brooks suggested that we view this idea in light of Romans 12:1 & 2. That’s in keeping with my “Tip” in the earlier post about comparing Scripture with other Scripture. Also, Mary Ellen Bowman made some interesting observations which are worth considering. What I want to do, though, is for you to find out what YOU think.

I also hope you know this is a “work under construction.” I’m thinking and learning while you are. Don’t lose track of the conversation Jesus had with Peter, but let’s look a bit more closely at the ideas mentioned above before we go further.

Your comments and encouragement really mean a lot to me.



Thank you for visiting my site. Hope you’ll hang around a while, get acquainted, and come back soon and often. Your friends are welcome, too.

It seems a word about me might be in order, although it isn’t what I consider important. My background and training are in ministry. I felt called, was trained and inclined to serve. And tried to do that for several years in the Church, serving in about every capacity up to and including Senior Pastor. Hospital Chaplain, Greensboro, N.C.Fire Department Chaplain, and volunteer Chaplain for an Army Reserve Unit.

Because of some personal and painful circumstances, I went through what I call an “eclipse of faith” (That’s Baptist speak for “backslid.”), resigned from the Church I was serving at the time and left the ministry. There was no scandal involved. I simply came to a place where my doubts were greater than my faith. When I reached a point where I felt I could no longer have served as MY pastor, I could not serve in that role for you or anyone else. Put simply, I could not “fake it.” I couldn’t wear a mask, so I resigned from the pastorate.

It doesn’t seem to be important to discuss details of those days past, beyond saying I’m extremely sorry I decided to resign and have made every possible attempt to re-establish a right relationship with God and the Church. I’ve discovered that the most difficult problem most of us have is accepting the fact that we’ve actually been accepted. Really been accepted and forgiven. Even when God is “faithful and just” and forgives us as we “confess our sins,” it’s hard for us to forgive ourselves. I still have to work on that, but I AM working on it.

My desire to know and love God, and serve Him faithfully for the rest of my life is as much a part of me as breathing and having my heart beat. If you’ve ever been in anything close to this kind of situation, you know that a burning, yearning desire to serve won’t go away. I feel a deepening desire to study Scripture carefully and then feel equally driven to share some of the insights gained. The internet seemed to furnish an ideal outlet for me, a “bully pulpit” from which I could communicate some of my discoveries. In turn, it also can provide a forum in which those who choose to read and think with me can share their own insights. I would welcome and respect your thoughtful participation and response.

Beyond that, I have no other identifiable motive or reason for this undertaking. I’m not trying to get anyone to join anything. I’m not running for or from anything. I’m not trying to sell anything, because I really don’t have anything that is for sale. If you appreciate what is said, of course your encouragement in the form with which you feel most comfortable would be welcome. If you choose to reflect on my effort and respond with your own ideas, suggestions, and questions, that would be wonderful. I don’t have an “axe to grind,” and will not deal with denominational or political issues or any matters that are deliberately or unnecessarily controversial or divisive. That is simply not my purpose in this endeavour.

My approach will be: First, opening statements about how I study the Bible. This will deal with “tips, tools, and techniques” . . . methods I’ve found to be helpful in my own personal effort to grow spiritually. Then, I will use those tools to study specific passages in the “Book.” In the beginning, I’ll deal with parts that have been helpful to me, personally, as I attempt to follow Christ and apply ancient truths to present reality. Some of the discoveries have really brought great strength and hope to me, when both have seemed in dismally short supply.

I honestly don’t consider myself a “scholar,” but I do try to be a careful “student.” If you find the approach to be helpful, without any strings attached, I invite you to join this expedition. This is an invitation not just to watch how my mind works, but also a sincere invitation and request that you share your own insights as well.

Wow! That seems to be more than enough for a beginning!! It’s probably obvious to you that this is my first attempt at using a great tool. . . I’ll try to learn quickly and try not to bore you with my rambling or stumbling, bumbling efforts. And I will appreciate your patience and value your response.

To be continued. . .donkimrey

P. S. I’m really not skilled at the computer, although I’m trying. If you want to contact me directly, you may do so at Post Office Box 55, Sneads Ferry, N.C. 28460, Telephone (910) 328 1763


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  • Texann // January 10, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Very well thought out and insightful. I just got bogged-down with so many questions thrown at me all at once. But, then I am used to teaching a younger crowd! Sometimes the simpler it is the more meaningful it becomes. I am saying that you might want to start off with fewer questions. Some people need more explaning. Too many questions in the beginning might lose some people before they really get “hooked”. Build up the momentum, gradually, to keep your audiences attention. Then, end with a really thought-provoking question or more to keep your audience “tuned in.” Just a thought…Good Luck DK!! (That will be two cents, please…) )
  • Linda Knowles // January 14, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Dear Don, As someone I know will often use the phrase “good stuff”, that’s just what I say now “GOOD STUFF”. Will pass this on to my dear husband.
  • Lamar J. Brooks // January 19, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    You have written excellent material. When you go into the word “acceptable” I would suggest that you will find that word well represented in Romans 12:1-2, in the well-known King James Version. It is used there twice, the first time to talk about something that is “acceptable” to God, and the second time something that is “acceptable” to us.

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